Michael is a keen strategic thinker and is able to assimilate large amounts of complicated information. When Michael comes into a new situation, he listens, figures it out, identifies the right decisions, and starts focusing on the key issues. He has great people skills and is able to make everyone, from CEO’s to secretaries, feel understood.

Chris Wackerman, CEO, DataPatrol


Michael’s strength is he’s very in-tune with other people. He’s able to engage in a deeper way that helps you see things from a different perspective. He’s able to take in all of the little details and connect them into a bigger picture – sometimes taking you in a new, unexpected, but much more effective direction. Over the years, Michael has taught me a lot about managing – myself and others – and about conflict resolution and about keeping my eye on what’s important and getting everyone on the same page.

Anya Wallach, Executive Producer, RFKT


Beyond being super smart, Michael has a broad depth of knowledge on just about any subject you can think of. He’s a walking encyclopedia. He’s also articulate, a great communicator, and listener. He cares deeply about people feeling comfortable and heard.  Yes, he’s a techy and a lawyer, but he’s actually a people person.

Kurt Niedermeier, Owner, KN Graphic Design


Michael takes care of those problems that you can’t take care of yourself. He quickly gets to the heart of what the issue is, clarifies what the actual problem is, and then presents solutions – and this is crucial – in a way that they can be heard. He overcomes road blocks and persuades nay-sayers. He helps people get through patterns that are blocking them from taking action.

Ben Ellison, Attorney, Cairncross & Hempelmann


Michael is a creative, smart guy who thinks big picture first and then explores the nuanced details. Working with him is easy. He’s fun. He’s personable. He’s someone you look forward to working with. He’s a very effective communicator and writer. He uses two words when ten will do. Strategizing with Michael is fun because he comes up with some really clever stuff — innovative but really practical. And if you have other grounded people around him that complement him, you are bound to come up with clever, efficient, inexpensive, effective solutions whatever your present challenge.

Chris Blackwell, Partner, Schulman & Blackwell