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Big Data: Beyond The Hype

Get past the hype to a real understanding of Big Data.  Big Data has become so confusing, Berkeley University compiled a list of 40 competing, contradictory definitions. But to those who really understand Big Data, it’s a competitive advantage on par with computers or the internet itself.

In this talk, Michael Kauffman cuts through the techno-babble and marketing fog to explain what Big Data actually is and how to use it.

Audience: Business leaders who have heard the hype and just want to know what Big Data is and how it can help them.


Michael’s Big Data presentation is excellent.  It’s one of the few talks aimed at business leaders, where you actually walk away understanding Big Data, and able to see immediate possibilities for your business. Just phenomenal. — John Hughes, CIO, Author

Michael’s 20 years as a technology leader shows.  Just when you think you know a subject, he’ll show you something you hadn’t seen before.  He sees the forest and the trees at the same time.  I would see him speak about anything. — Antej Nuhanovic, Solutions Architect, World Bank


Michael is an engaging speaker who communicates an amazing amount of complex information in a very accessible way. — Mike Kelly, CEO, TechDNA

No Prizes For Lots of Data: Asking The Right Questions

Many companies are already sitting on mountains of data, be it Big Data or more traditional “small” data. But you don’t get any points for just having lots of data if you can’t bridge the gap from data soup to profitable insight.

In this talk, Michael explains how to get the most from your data: which questions to ask, how to ask them, and—perhaps most importantly—who should be asking them.

Audience: Business leaders who want to understand how Big Data translates into better results, products, and higher profits.

Michael is a highly engaging and effective speaker. Articulate, funny and a terrific story teller.” — Deb Arnold, CEO, Ink, inc.

Overcoming Big Data’s Fallout

Big Data can bring real innovation, amazing insights, and industry disruption. But first, it almost always leads to internal disruption first.  That’s because Big Data will reveal — with cold hard numbers — embarrassing inefficiencies, profit-killing departmental infighting, and deep-seated employee resistance to change, from the bottom all the way up to the top. The reality is Big Data is more about people than people realize.

In this talk, Michael shares his insights from decades of operating at the intersection of data and people to help you avoid costly Big Data mistakes.

Audience: Business leaders who