Leverage 20 Years of Strategic, Data-Driven Insight and Innovation

Michael partners with C-suite executives and upper management to push past human, technical, and business barriers. Michael untangles the complex, refines (and if necessary, redefines) strategy and keeps you from leaving ideas—and money—on the table.

Michael has 20 years’ experience as a management consultant, technology strategist and attorney for Fortune 100 companies, startups, non-profits, and government both in the US and abroad. A trusted advisor, Michael Kauffman brings a singular background of executive experience, deep technical knowledge, as well as a decade of legal experience to each client’s unique challenges.


Michael has been programming computers since he was 9. He started out in software testing and worked his way up through programmer, DBA, database programmer, lead programmer, UX architect, systems architect and finally IT Director and Chief Technology Officer. Michael has provided technical insight to a range of companies as an employee, contractor or data strategist including the University of Washington, American Council of Life Insurers, Cesari Interactive, Blockbuy.com, DataPatrol.io, Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard, Evans-Baker, Colorado College, Oasis Group, mostly in the United States, but also remotely or on-site in England and Hungary.

Michael is always learning, and along the way, he got his law degree and represented numerous clients including large multinationals, foreign countries, non-profits and startups on a range of legal matters, both in court (at trial and on appeal) and in numerous negotiations on a range of matters including contract disputes and settlements, intellectual property, unfair trade practices, data privacy, corporate governance, international trade compliance, environmental development, computer law, real estate, business torts, regulatory compliance, and bankruptcy. Michael no longer practices law.

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