“Michael is remarkable. He is that rare combination of people skills, technology skills and strategy skills-the trifecta needed to truly lead and innovate. We would not be where we are today without Michael.”

Chris Wackerman, CEO, Data patrol


Helping organizations actually understand and exploit Big Data.

“Michael’s 20 years as a technology leader shows.  Just when you think you know a subject, he’ll show you something you hadn’t seen before.  He sees the forest and the trees at the same time.”

Antej Nuhanovic, Solutions Architect
World Bank


Helping organizations move from gut-driven to data-driven.

‘Strategizing with Michael results in some really clever stuff—data driven and innovative and immediately actionable.”

Chris Blackwell, Founding Partner
Schulman & Blackwell

Becoming data driven is more about people than people realize.


Helping organizations turn the corner from infighting to innovation.

“I used to think internal politics was a fact of life. Michael made me see that politics was just another business problem to be solved. It’s like night and day.”

Anya Wallach, Executive Producer

Learn about the 'unspeakables' of office politics.